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I had a total knee replacement under workmans comp. it has almost, I had a total knee replacement under workmans comp. it has almost been a year i was told i will automaticlly?.
Recalls on the stryker knee – workers compensation, I had a total knee replacement in 2008. my knee was in very bad shape before the surgery, as i was homebound much of the time due to the unstability & pain with this knee.
Job searching while on workman’s compensation, I was fired from my job after fracturing my bones in my knee and tearing my acl, mcl, meniscus while at work. i have been out of work since 3/19/09..

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What would a workman’s comp case with a total knee replacement, Best answer: i’m sure each state’s rules are different, but similar enough. you’re going to find that the settlement isn’t much, i’m afraid. usually what.
Settlement amount for knee injury – workers compensation insurance, After reading the messages, i have a question i would like to see if anyone can answer. i injured my knee at work 2 years ago, had scope to fix torn menscius, 3.

Knee1 forums – bad knee replacement results, Topic title: bad knee replacement results created on: 02/26/2005 10:58 pm topic view:.
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What is the average workers comp knee injury settlement – the q&a wiki, What is the average worker comp settlement for a knee injury in ca? about 75,000 dollars/rs what is the average workers comp back injury settlement in california?.