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Spinal fusion surgery provides worse outcomes in workers, Newswise — philadelphia, pa. (february 15, 2011) –for workers’ compensation patients with chronic low back pain, spinal fusion surgery leads to worse long-term.
My workers’ comp doctor has suggested fusion surgery. can this be, My workers’ comp doctor has suggested fusion surgery. can this be risky? |.
Problems after cervical neck fusion – workers compensation, I had a cervical neck fusion done after a year off of work , after some complications you should get temporary total disability while you’ve been off work.

Cost of spinal fusion, settlement offer – workers compensation, Just curious anyone know what the ballpark figure is to have a spinal fuison instrumentation alone could run $50k. all said and done with a l5-s1 discectomey.
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Spinal fusion: articles and videos on fusion types and surgery, Spinal fusion, lumbar fusion and cervical fusion back surgery..

Neck surgery c5/6/7 cadavor bone with fusion – back & neck – medhelp, Is it normal to have this burning at the graft site and pain into the right shoulder area 8 weeks after the surgery. the doctor has advised i don’t need to return for.
What kind of settlement amount can be expected for a lumbar fusion, Best answer: does he have an attorney? if he does then the lawyer should explain to him what he can expect. each state is different and has specific laws.
Case study: workers compensation for severe ankle and foot, Welcome to the 7th installment of my summer long series on georgia workers’ comp case studies. in the following case study, i discuss a recent workers compensation.