l4 l5 fusion workmans comp settlement

What is the average injury settlement in a workers comp case, What is average workers comp settlement for lumbar injury? there is an average of course with all numbers there is an average, however to place you in a ball.
Workman’s comp lower back injury – workers compensation, Hi all, was hoping to get some answers on a injury that happened to me while working at lowe’s in alabama. while at work i injured my lower back that required me to.
Workers compensation settlement issues – legal help, Legal help for worker’s compensation – workers compensation settlement issues. i was injured in 2003 at fedex while loading trailers. i recieved a herniated disc with.

Foot numbness after spinal fusion of l5 s1 – (#40366, My husband is recovering from a spinal fusion of the l5 s1 surgery was done on sept 8th 2011 and he is experiencing right and left foot numbness up to the.
Permanency hearing – workers compensation, Finally after almost 6 years i will have what i hope is the last wc hearing. on february 14th i believe a decision will be made on my rating and future weekly payments..
Decompressive lumbar laminectomy of l5 with l5-s1 bak cage, My 55 year old husband injured his back at work as a nurse on an alzheimer’s unit on jan. 9, 2008. he continued working through the pain until 1/28/08 when.

Formula for calculating a settlement – workers compensation, My workers compensation claim was made in the state of: tn can anyone tell me the exact calculation for determining a settlement? ie(impairment rating, times weeks.
Diagnosis – spinal stenosis and degenerative disc disease, Diagnosis – spinal stenosis and degenerative disc disease , bulging disc, anterolisthesis l4 l5.
Injury settlement guide – workers compensation questions, injury, Read workers compensation questions and answers or submit your own workers comp question..