How much are bulging discs worth in car accidents

Bulging disc (disc bulge) settlement value in florida, Miami lawyer "jz" shares the average settlement amount for pain and suffering for a bulging disc in a florida accident where someone else is at fault..
Herniated disc settlements car accident truck crash slip, Miami lawyer "jz" explains how to calculate how much your case may be worth if you have a herniated disc from an accident caused by someone else in florida..
Bulging disc l5 / s1 – referred leg pain. sciatic nerve, I too have the bulging disc in the l5/s1 region. my bulging disc is 4mm. been dealing with this since july07. i have had epidural shots (which did not work)..

Bulging disc: surgery or not? – neurology – medhelp, I am in the same boat. i am 31 and i have three bulging discs. my left leg is always numb, my buttocks aches, and my back throbs. i hurt my back running..
What is a bulging disk? (with pictures) – wisegeek, A bulging disk occurs when the soft spinal disk shifts out of alignment with the spine. unlike herniated disks, bulging disks are.
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New here.l4-l5 bulging disc, please n e info would, I have bulging discs with stenosis in the lumbar region too. it is very painful. i agree that surgery must be the last resort. many people get help from surgery, but.
Back pain testimonials chi machine – spinal stenosis, Back pain testimonials for the sun ancon chi machine, including bulging discs, spinal stenosis, neck and shoulder pain..