What should i expect spinal fusions at c4-c5, c5-c6, l4-l5, and l5-s1, I am an employee of state if illinois (heavy labor) and while driving down the road hello, i’ve had past experience in illinois involving a work comp case and.
L5-s1 fusion surgery yes/no – other treatments – chronic pain, Doctor has reccommended a fusion for my low back. i am so scared and not sure what to do. i had an lamenectomy in 1996. i have been almost pai.
Impairment rating % for ppd injured workers for lumbar area that, Forum; injured worker issues; medical issues; impairment rating % for ppd injured workers for lumbar area that had spinal fusions?.

Herniated disc treatment and support, A herniated lumbar disk is a back issue that comes from the disks pinching a nerve. treatment includes herniated disc surgery, physical therapy, and epidural shots..
What would my disabilities be after having disectomy surgery to l4, Best answer: sha, you state that you have had a discectomy, but do not enhance this with any details of fusion with bone graft, or pedicle screws and rods.
Long-term results from lumbar spinal fusion [archive] – neurotalk, I am scheduled for a 2 level (l4-s1) anterior/posterior fusion with instrumentation on nov 1st, 2006. i was curious as to those who had spinal fusion surgery what.

Settlement opinion, lumbar fusion – workers compensation, Important notice: we have deployed some new anti-spam measures that have enabled us to once again allow registration with a simple email verification..
Lumbar fusion 101 – chirogeek, Introduction: warning: fusion of the lumbar spine, or any level of the spine for that matter, is an end-of-the road treatment intervention for back and/or leg pain..
L5/s1 disk herniation – youtube, This is the reason my youtube video uploading has stopped. no helmet cam videos for a while. update as of 10/9/11 – had a lumbar laminectomy in june and.